10 Fun Things to do Near Fredericksburg, TX from Locals!


Our family has been blessed to live in the pristine Texas Hill Country for over 100 years and we love to share with those visiting Fredericksburg what makes it such a special place.

Before we dive in, you might wonder how Fredericksburg, TX got started.  German settlers founded the city in 1846 to build a town that would embody their long-standing values and traditions.  From humble beginnings as a small town, the city has flourished into one of the top Texas travel destinations with over 1.5 million annual visitors.

When visiting this magical place, it’s hard to miss the influences of German immigrants throughout the city’s architecture, cuisine, fruit orchards, shops, churches, festivals, and of course, people!

So, heading to Fredericksburg, TX? Check out our list of our top ten must-dos!

Vereins Kirche

1. Experience Enchanted Rock

Hike, backpack, camp, rock climb, picnic, bird watch, geocache, stargaze and more in a mystical, quintessentially Lone Star setting at Enchanted Rock.  

Hike the Dome

Exploring 11 miles of trails, including the iconic Summit Trail is a great way to work up an appetite to fully enjoy the local cuisine. The Texas-sized rock represents a geological phenomenon known as a “batholith” and was created 1.1 billion years ago when molten magma cooled and crystallized into granite far beneath the Earth’s surface. Crazy! This pink granite dome spans 640 acres and has inspired myths and legends over the years, while providing amazing Hill Country views. Hitting these trails is a rite of passage for Texas outdoor enthusiasts, so check it off your list and consider yourself an honorary Texan, yeehaw!

Pack a Picnic

Pack up some local delicacies to keep you fueled while taking in the scenery. All specially made by a Texas family for you. Head over to jelly.com or stop in to see us at Fischer & Wieser on Main to stock up on Lonestar snacks before you hit the trails! 

2. Welcome to Texas Wine Country

Second only to Napa Valley for wine tourism in the U.S., the Texas Hill Country is home to over 100 wineries and vineyards, making Fredericksburg the epicenter of Texas Wine Country!

Our Fredericksburg wineries produce award-winning wines that have earned honors around the world, with wine production ‘round here dating back to the original settlers who used the native mustang grape in their production. 

Sweet or dry, velvety, oaked, buttery or bright and beyond, there are perfect Fredericksburg wineries for every palate.

Hey, ya know what goes great with wine? Charcuterie and we’ve got the goods: make a pitstop at our shop on Main St. for some snacks on the run. Or shop all our jams ‘n jellies ‘n dips ‘n salsas from wherever you are!

The original Das Peach Haus

3. Texas Hill Country’s Historic Das Peach Haus, Das right!

No trip to the Fredericksburg area is complete without a stop to explore the historic Das Peach Haus. 

What is Das Peach Haus? The country store where it all began for Fischer & Wieser Specialty Foods. The building was originally a Lone Star Beer Warehouse, constructed in 1913 with high ceilings to moderate the high temperatures of Hill Country summers, situated on the railroad tracks that ran right through town. Welp, prohibition eventually put a stop to that and it became a wholesale grocery warehouse where Mark Wieser’s mother worked as an accountant. 

Mark purchased the historic building in 1976 and moved it to the Farmstead, expanding the original Das Peach Haus log cabin to open a bigger store to house the fresh peaches from the orchards and the jams and jellies made from the ripe fruits of the region. As Mark and Case Fischer developed new products over the years, Das Peach Haus and customers were the testing grounds to determine which products made the cut to be sent out to retailers in the wider world. 

What will you see? 

Still the only place where you can see and taste every single Fischer & Wieser product, Das Peach Haus is a true Texas Hill Country treasure with beautiful outdoor surroundings, light bites and bakery items, public and private cooking classes with our culinary instructors, a wine tasting room for the region’s best selections, and seasonal live music!

Learn more and plan your trip to Das Peach Haus

4. Fredericksburg Peaches? Yes please!

Sticky, sweet, dripping down your chin, off your hand and to your elbow, however you enjoy them, It’s peachy summer nostalgia at its finest.

And down here, in the heart of the Texas Hill Country between Mid-May and the end of August, it’s PEACH PRIME TIME.

What’s the big deal about Fredericksburg peaches, you say? Well, there’s something really special about the juicy stone fruit that’s grown in Gillespie County. Agricultural experts say it’s the unique combination of:

  • limestone-rich soil
  • cold (but not too cold) winters
  • hot summers
  • the ideal day-to-night temperature variation

All these elements combine to yield the perfect peach. And guess what? Our lil’ slice of the Texas Hill Country heaven has it all!

How did peaches get started here? Another great tidbit!

German settlers in the Fredericksburg area began growing the native Chinese fruit in the mid-1800s. Today, peaches are the leading deciduous fruit crop in Texas, with an estimated half-million trees planted for commercial use statewide. And while there are several high peach-producing areas in the state, Gillespie County, outside Austin, is one of the largest with approximately 600 acres of planted peach trees!

So, planning a peach pilgrimage? Check out some juice (yes, pun very much intended) on peach-rich spots to check out. And in the meantime, get your Fredericksburg peaches and peach preserves sent from our fav little online spot. We hope to see you ‘round town and the orchards soon!

Case And Peaches (1)

5. Fredericksburg Festys!

Home to more than 400 festivals and special events each year, there’s always something fun going on around here! Whenever you choose to visit, you can bet they’ll be some festivities going on, so pick your pleasure. 

Local Tip* Plan ahead for major events & festivals, especially Oktoberfest! That’s the largest festival in Fredericksburg, taking place the first weekend of October each year. It’s three days of celebrating Fredericksburg’s German roots with  multiple stages of oompah music and all the German eats and drinks you could dream of! 

Fredericksburg Food & Wine Fest is a can’t miss! More than 50 Texas wineries and dozens of Texas foodie faves in downtown Fredericksburg for one majorly tasty day.

Summer favorites are the Hill Country Film Festival, Stonewall Peach JAMboree and Rodeo, Fourth of July Parade and Fireworks, Gillespie County Fair (the oldest, continuous county fair in Texas), Summer Horse Racing, Grape Stomps at local wineries and so much more!

In Fredericksburg, you don’t have to look far for a reason to celebrate. Check out the entire calendar of the Texas-size fun here and get to plannin’! 

6. Shop Fredericksburg, Texas!

It’s not called “shopping heaven” for nothin’. Main street to The Warehouse District and beyond, you can plan an entire visit to Fredericksburg around shopping alone! 

150 locally-owned Fredericksburg stores, boutiques and art galleries house a staggering collection of home décor. Or you can shop women’s fashion ranging from vintage to upscale contemporary ‘til you drop, fuel up on local cuisine and repeat. And don’t forget handmade jewelry, antiques, artwork, gifts and much more.

Our personal fave? Fischer & Wieser On Main

Okay, okay we may be biased but this shop is near and dear to our hearts. You can sample 100 of our specialty jams, jellies, sauces and more, all while taking a break from your stroll down our beautiful Main St. Stock your pantry, stock-up on holiday gifts galore. Or heck, don’t wait for the trip, head to our specialty foods shop and let the flavor explosion come to you! 

Here are more local shopping favorites!

7. Bat’s Crazy!

You see 3 million Mexican free-tailed bats emerge from a cave. No, it’s not a scary movie, it’s Old Tunnel State Park, where when the railroad moved out, the bats moved in. 

 You simply cannot visit Texas Hill Country without seeing “the bats”. The watercooler crowd at work would be so disappointed! May through October, a fascinating phenomenon goes on nightly at Old Tunnel State Park. An old railway tunnel is where about 3 million bats return to roost for the season and emerge each night to search for food. And the park is open nightly (in season) for bat-viewing programs. 

Local Tip* Tickets can be purchased up to 60 days in advance to reserve your spot for the nightly emergence! 

What else can you do there? 

Picnic, hike, bird-watch, stargaze and look for wildlife. But bring your own drinking water, as water is not available in the park.

All about Old Tunnel State Park at https://tpwd.texas.gov/state-parks/old-tunnel.

8. Fredericksburg’s Finest Fare

Heading to Fredericksburg, Texas? Head here HUNGRY. 

Texans are big on football, but we’re even bigger on food. Which really works out great for you!

We may be a small town, but our restaurant scene is booming! With great Texas wines, (shameless plug alert! https://jelly.com/farmstead-culinary-experiences/wine-spirits/wine-tasting/)

German specialties, Tex-Mex aplenty and more, whether you’re looking for a quick breakfast or an upscale Hill Country dinner experience, you’ll find it here! 

Here are our top 3 Fredericksburg restaurants to try: 


Otto’s German Bistro

Because, when in Rome right? The Texas Hill Country was settled by Germans so German fare is kind of our thing. This upscale bistro offers modern German specialties like duck schnitzel, Bavarian beef soup, and German-style brews along with other European dishes on an ever-changing menu. Plus, many ingredients come from nearby farms right here in the Hill Country!

Just a couple of steps off Main, Otto’s is open every day, which is a major find in a town (where many restaurants are closed on Monday and Tuesday evenings)

Nury’s on Main

Nury’s On Main is located in the heart of Fredericksburg, Texas on Main Street surrounded by shops, museums, and tasting rooms.
They serve fresh seafood such as Ceviches, Shrimp Tacos, and Fish and Chips all made from scratch ingredients. Also featuring a sit down bar with local beer, local wines and classic cocktails.


We’re not all spurs and saddles down here, we can be French flair with a southern accent too!  Part bistro, part boutique and gallery, Vaudeville has been known to appear on lists of best places to eat in Texas. 

A lunch menu sprinkled with baked pastries and a selection of soups, salads, and sandwiches along with specialties like duck confit and buttermilk fried chicken. In the evening, main courses include hearty dishes like rack of lamb and braised beef with polenta. Check them OUT! https://vaudeville-living.co

Plus, we’re just suckers for a great cocktail. Check out our DIETZ DISTILLERY COCKTAIL MIXES.

frontside of Nimitz

9. Texas Hill Country is for history lovers!

Fredericksburg is not just about incredible food, wine tastings and wildflowers. A rich history and legendary citizens have also put Fredericksburg on the map! The town’s history dates back to 1846, when the first German settlers arrived in the Texas Hill Country. This area has been home to several figures and historic sites who have shaped the history of the world over the last 175 years.

So, no visit to the Texas Hill Country would be complete without exploring some of our history. And here are our top 3 favorites!

Pioneer Museum

Explore 175 years of German heritage at the 3.5 acre Pioneer Museum Complex in downtown Fredericksburg, complete with buildings, artifacts and displays of our areas earliest pioneers.

Pacific War Museum

Native son, Chester W. Nimitz, catapulted Fredericksburg onto the national map commanding the United States Pacific Fleet in World War II.  The museum is here because of his contributions and is dedicated to all those who served in the Pacific War.

Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park

The 36th President of the United States, Lyndon Baines Johnson, was born in Gillespie County and visited his ranch and family home, “The Texas White House”, often during his presidency. The Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park, located at his beloved ranch, tells the story of LBJ’s larger-than-life personality and legacy.

10. Swirl. Sip. Repeat. 

So many wineries and wine tasting rooms, so little time!

You can’t visit Fredericksburg without experiencing at least a handful of the more than 50 wineries, vineyards and wine tasting rooms that call Gillespie County home. Not to mention dozens more wineries located within an hour or two drive.

Wine production in Texas Hill Country dates back to the original settlers who used the native mustang grape to produce wines. Today, Gillespie County is home to more than 50 wineries, vineyards, and wine tasting rooms. Not to mention dozens more wineries a short drive away. Sooooo, wine tasting is kind of a thing here. Do yourself a favor: explore and discover Texas wines. There’s a perfect Fredericksburg winery for every taste. Explore tours, events and plan your stay at https://www.visitfredericksburgtx.com/wineries/

Shameless plug: our personal favorites are the Texas wine tastings at Das Peach House!  We highlight Texas wines, as well as the new Fischer & Wieser Culinary Adventure Wine Collection, which features the best wines from regions around the world. 

Moral of the story? When in Fredericksburg, you’ll see the world through rose’ colored glasses.

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