Cozy Stay at the Farmstead Tiny Home in Fredericksburg

THe TIny home at the F&W farmstead

This cozy abode promises big adventures and unforgettable moments, making it the perfect retreat for creating cherished memories.

About the tiny home

Enjoy a charming stay on our Farmstead.

Situated on the picturesque grounds of Das Peach Haus, you’ll enjoy breathtaking views of our serene lake, towering pines, and family fruit orchard. One of the many advantages of staying at The Tiny Home at the F&W Farmstead is the convenient proximity to various attractions on our property. Take a short stroll to Das Peach Haus, where you can explore our delightful historic shop and indulge in the finest culinary products.

Come experience a delightful stay at our Tiny Home on F&W Farmstead, providing a perfect blend of modern amenities and rustic charm for your getaway.


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